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We are Christ-centered community of learners imbuted with  a distinct Dominican brand of Education rooted in its noble tradition, namely, To praise, bless and preach God (Laudare, Benidecere et Praedicare):
To continuously learn and share this learning with our fellowmen (Contemplare aliis Tradere)
To pursue Truth vigorously (Veritas)
while we place ourselves securely
under the mantle and maternal care of our Patroness,
Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag.


To pursue our vision, we commit ourselves as a, Filipino School – to preserve and enrich our cultural heritage, traditions and values amidst an emerging global society.

Catholic School – to nourish our Christian dignity through contemplation as we contribute to the transformation of the human society.

Dominican School – to ennoble our rootedness in our Dominican tradition

Marian School – to live out our Dominican spirituality that is distinctly Marian


Institutional Goals

As a Filipino, Dominican, Christian and Marian institution of learning, Letran – Manaoag endeavors:

  • To develop pupils/students who are qualified professionals as well as skillful and productive individuals in order to effectively contribute to the religious, educational, economic and industrial advancement of the nation and the continuous establishment of the local Church.

  • To promote solidarity with the larger community through programs that is responsive to its needs.

  • To maintain and continually strive for a corps of competent administrators, faculty, employees and alumni who shall endeavor to attain the school’s mission.

  • To provide an educational environment that is wholesome and conducive to learning, working and other related activities.

Hymno Del Colegio de Letran (Alma Mater Hymn)

Alma Mater, Letran esplendente !
Pure Mother, Glorious Letran!
Como el sol es tu gloria, sin fin,
As the sun is your glory forever,
Y perfuman los lauros tu ambiente
And the laurels give aroma to your air
Como exhala su aroma el jasmin
As the jasmin breathes off its fragrance.

Orgullosos de ti y de tu historia
Proud of you and your history
Nuestras almas desde hoy juraran;
Our souls from today shall swear;
Conquistar por tu honor nuevas glorias
To conquer for your honor new glory
Y jamas olvidarte, Letran !
And never to forget you, Letran!

En el magico eden Filipino
In the magical Philippine Paradise
Fuiste antorcha de luz y saber;
You were torch of light and knowledge
Y atraves de su augusto destino
And through your venerable destiny
De esperanza seras rosicler,
You shall be the rosy color of hope,

Pues lograste segun tu modelo
For you were able, according to your example,
Tantos hombres ilustres formar;
To mould so many illustrious men
Que semejan estrellas del cielo
Who resemble stars in heaven
En la noche serena al brillar!
As they shine on a tranquil evening!

The Letranites


  • value COMPASSION for one and all, just like Dominic, our Father, have shown us all.

  •  are DILIGENT people, we do want to share the fruits of our labor.

  • are LOVERS of TRUTH, the truth that is Christ, our Way and our life.

  • deal with people with great HUMILITY, for God loves the meek and the lowly.

  • are ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY, we love our Mother Earth; we use her resources wisely.

  • believe that EQUALITY is an important thing, for we are born equal in dignity and origin.

  • advocate the SIMPLE WAY OF LIFE, in our family, in the community, and in society.

  • practice HONESTY, for we believe that honesty is the best policy.

  • conduct our affairs with true INTEGRITY, that is what we have learned.

  • are MAKABAYAN, we love our freedom, we’ll fight for Motherland.

  • are SERVICE-ORIENTED, we are happy to serve the less privileged.

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